Tiffany Blue Accent

Tiffany blue napkins added the perfect pop of colour to Logan and Kayla's wedding decor this past weekend at the Old Mill Inn. 

Tiffany Blue Accent 1 | Evelyn's Decorating

The decor was simple and elegant with white tablecloths and chair covers. The tables were adorned with tall white and pale pink floral and ivy centrepieces. 

Tiffany Blue Accent 2 | Evelyn's Decorating

The Tiffany blue napkins were a gorgeous addition that drew attention towards the centre of the table. The Coke bottles emphasized the 1950s theme the couple was going for. 

Tiffany Blue Accent 3 | Evelyn's Decorating

Behind the head table was a white backdrop with swag along the top and twinkle lights to really brighten up the reception room. 

Tiffany Blue Accent 5 | Evelyn's Decorating

The head table was lined with tall glass votives containing flower petals and candlelights, gorgeous floral bouquets and ivy from the Flower Workshop.  

Tiffany Blue Accent | Evelyn's Decorating

What is your favourite accent colour for a wedding? Feel free to share in the comments below!