A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Sparkles and natural elements were the highlights of this weekend's winter wedding at the Ancaster Mill. The ceremony was brightly decorated with a white and silver colour theme. Along the aisle, there were rose petals, tall vases with silver branches and small glass vase bunches with bright white lights inside. 

Aisle Decor | Evelyn's Decorating
Signing Table and Aisle Decor | Evelyn's Decorating
Signing Table and Floral Ball | Evelyn's Decorating
This sign was created by one of the talented bridesmaids.

This sign was created by one of the talented bridesmaids.

The trees standing in the windows and the snow outside created the perfect winter wonderland atmosphere. 

Mantel and Table Decor | Evelyn's Decorating
Silver Lanterns and Sparkly Snowflakes | Evelyn's Decorating
Mantel Greenery | Evelyn's Decorating

The head table was kept simple with candles, silver sparkly snowflakes and twinkle lights. 

Head Table | Evelyn's Decorating

The talented bride created her own personalized pinecone place cards for each guest. We incorporated more natural elements by laying a piece of cedar underneath the pinecones. 

Place cards | Evelyn's Decorating
Personalized Napkins and Place Cards | Evelyn's Decorating
Long Table Decor | Evelyn's Decorating

The signing table was embellished with two silver trees and a JOY sign that was lit up later in the evening.

JOY Sign at the Signing Table | Evelyn's Decorating

Elysia and Matt are such a beautiful couple inside and out, so it was a total pleasure decorating their beautiful winter ceremony and reception! 

Are you planning a winter wedding? How are you incorporating seasonal elements in your decor?