Winter Whites with Pastel Pink Accents

Decorating for a family friend is always a pleasure, especially when you get to surprise them with a special decor element! For Kristy and Drew's wedding, I recruited my husband to make a marquee "LOVE" sign to surprise the lovely bride. 

Bride & Groom in front of LOVE sign | Evelyn's Decorating

When she walked in and shed her first (happy) tears of the day, I knew it was worth all the work. My job is all about making the bride and groom happy, so reactions like this are always a beautiful moment for me. 

The rest of the room was draped in white and accented in pale pink, which emphasized a winter meets spring theme. The bright white backdrops at both the ceremony and reception were draped, giving the decor a dreamy feel. 

Ceremony Decor | Evelyn's Decorating

Along the aisle were tall glass cylinder vases with silver branches, surrounded by pale pink flower petals. The chair covers were a satiny white, all tied back into bows. 

Chair Covers Front | Evelyn's Decorating
Chair Covers Back | Evelyn's Decorating
White Draped Backdrop | Evelyn's Decorating

At the reception, each table had tall glass cylinders filled with clear gel beads as the centrepiece. Inside each cylinder was a bright white light, which provided a glow across the room once the lights were dimmed. On top of each cylinder was a pink floral ball, adorned with thin silver branches.

Glass Cylinders and Floral Ball | Evelyn's Decorating
Table Decor | Evelyn's Decorating

Behind the head table and backdrop, we added pale pink uplighting to give some extra colour to the room. 

LOVE Sign and Head Table | Evelyn's Decorating
Head Table | Evelyn's Decorating

If you had a marquee sign at your wedding, what word would you choose? What is your favourite accent colour? Let me know in the comments below! 

9 Natural Elements for a Winter Wedding

Each season brings a different variety of natural elements that can be incorporated easily into your wedding decor. As we get into the heart of winter (and knee deep in snow), I couldn't think of a more fitting time to share with you a list of natural elements that you can bring inside to encompass a wintry feel at your wedding. 

9 Natural Elements for a Winter Wedding | Evelyn's Special Event Decorating

1. Cranberries

Image from Tidewater and Tulle:

Image from Tidewater and Tulle:

If your colour theme is neutral, but you want to add a pop of colour, cranberries do the job well. The burgundy colour is not overwhelming and complements the natural green and white colours of winter. 

2. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Wreath

Image from Rustic Wedding Chic:

Image from Rustic Wedding Chic:

From the sweet sign across the wreath to the simplicity of the silver dollar eucalyptus plant, this wreath is a perfect way to incorporate winter greens into your special day. 

3. Wood Chargers

Image from Happy Wedd:

Image from Happy Wedd:

While I love using wood chargers during the fall season, they're also great for winter weddings, especially when paired with pine down the centre of the table like the image above. Plus, wood is easily accessible year-round, making it a simple addition to your decor. 

4. Cinnamon Sticks

Image from Brit + Co:

Image from Brit + Co:

Not only are cinnamon sticks great in the kitchen, but they also work at a winter wedding. Often overlooked as a decor element, cinnamon sticks are a pretty and unexpected touch to folded napkins. They also smell lovely...bonus! 

5. Birch Candleholders  

Image from Deer Pearl Flowers:

Image from Deer Pearl Flowers:

Birch is a great type of wood to use at your wedding because the colour is very pale and neutral. Thicker, sturdy pieces also make great candleholders that can be used as centrepieces at each table. 

6. Beeswax Candles

Image from SCOUTMOB:

Image from SCOUTMOB:

The unique texture of beeswax candles are sure to draw attention. To keep decor natural, you can add elements such as twine and greenery to the candles. 

7. Burlap

Image from My Wedding:

Image from My Wedding:

First of all, how cute is this mini tree? It would be the perfect fit at a Christmasy wedding, but also still works for the remainder of the winter season. However, I want to take a moment to highlight burlap. It's popularity has increased over the past few years with the rise of rustic weddings, so it's sure to be a great addition to your table decor at a cozy winter wedding. 

8. Branches with White Florals

Image from WedLuxe:

Image from WedLuxe:

What's more natural than branches? They look especially seasonal with the white florals woven into the centrepieces. Paired with mini candles, it feels like a romantic forest has been brought inside. 

9. Pine Sprigs

Image from Brit + Co:

Image from Brit + Co:

Another way to incorporate a pop of colour into your decor is by using pine sprigs. These small pieces of pine draw the eye to the little decor detail. It looks wonderful paired with a neutral coloured candle (and would make the cutest wedding favour). 

What natural elements are you using in your winter wedding decor? Which element is your favourite from the list above? Share in the comments below! 

A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Sparkles and natural elements were the highlights of this weekend's winter wedding at the Ancaster Mill. The ceremony was brightly decorated with a white and silver colour theme. Along the aisle, there were rose petals, tall vases with silver branches and small glass vase bunches with bright white lights inside. 

Aisle Decor | Evelyn's Decorating
Signing Table and Aisle Decor | Evelyn's Decorating
Signing Table and Floral Ball | Evelyn's Decorating
This sign was created by one of the talented bridesmaids.

This sign was created by one of the talented bridesmaids.

The trees standing in the windows and the snow outside created the perfect winter wonderland atmosphere. 

Mantel and Table Decor | Evelyn's Decorating
Silver Lanterns and Sparkly Snowflakes | Evelyn's Decorating
Mantel Greenery | Evelyn's Decorating

The head table was kept simple with candles, silver sparkly snowflakes and twinkle lights. 

Head Table | Evelyn's Decorating

The talented bride created her own personalized pinecone place cards for each guest. We incorporated more natural elements by laying a piece of cedar underneath the pinecones. 

Place cards | Evelyn's Decorating
Personalized Napkins and Place Cards | Evelyn's Decorating
Long Table Decor | Evelyn's Decorating

The signing table was embellished with two silver trees and a JOY sign that was lit up later in the evening.

JOY Sign at the Signing Table | Evelyn's Decorating

Elysia and Matt are such a beautiful couple inside and out, so it was a total pleasure decorating their beautiful winter ceremony and reception! 

Are you planning a winter wedding? How are you incorporating seasonal elements in your decor? 

Five Decor Ideas for an Autumn Wedding

Happy Thanksgiving! With the leaves changing and the temperature dropping, the fall season is in full swing. Here are five decor ideas for creating a beautiful autumn wedding. 

1. Create a rustic theme

Incorporating details such as twine and burlap helps to create a rustic theme. Some simple ways I have added these elements in a chic way are by wrapping delicate lace buckets with twine, adding some burlap to floral bunches and wrapping champagne coloured floral balls in twine. 

Floral Balls with Twine | Tall Girl Meets World
Burlap Floral Bunches | Tall Girl Meets World

2. Use rich, fall colours as a base

Since dark brown, red and orange are colours spotted outside during the fall season, it's a great idea to start with one of these colours as a base for your decor. Make a statement by using dark brown tulle to contrast white tablecloths on your head table. You can also incorporate oranges, reds and earthy colours in your other decor elements. 

Head Table | Tall Girl Meets World

3. Incorporate seasonal florals

Fall mums in bright yellow or dark orange, hydrangeas and burgundy roses. Whether you incorporate them in your centrepieces or place them at the altar, these flowers are a great fall-inspired addition to your wedding.

Orange Mums in a Tree Stump | Tall Girl Meets World

4. Get woodsy and add in fall foliage

In addition to flowers, foliage brings a natural element to your decor. You can use a larger element such as a birch stump for a vase or as a stand for lanterns and potted flowers. 

Spring Birch Stump Vase | Tall Girl Meets World
Fall Mums with Birch Stumps and Lanterns | Tall Girl Meets World

Another idea is to surround your centrepiece with smaller elements such as pinecones or fall leaves at your reception.

Fall Mums at Reception | Tall Girl Meets World

5. Brighten up your decor with lanterns and candles

The soft glow of candles adds a cozy vibe to your wedding. You can place them inside a lantern to add to the romantic ambience. 

Lanterns and Candles | Tall Girl Meets World

Which fall decor idea above is your favourite? What decor elements are you using at your fall wedding? Let me know in the comments below! 

Tiffany Blue Accent

Tiffany blue napkins added the perfect pop of colour to Logan and Kayla's wedding decor this past weekend at the Old Mill Inn. 

Tiffany Blue Accent 1 | Evelyn's Decorating

The decor was simple and elegant with white tablecloths and chair covers. The tables were adorned with tall white and pale pink floral and ivy centrepieces. 

Tiffany Blue Accent 2 | Evelyn's Decorating

The Tiffany blue napkins were a gorgeous addition that drew attention towards the centre of the table. The Coke bottles emphasized the 1950s theme the couple was going for. 

Tiffany Blue Accent 3 | Evelyn's Decorating

Behind the head table was a white backdrop with swag along the top and twinkle lights to really brighten up the reception room. 

Tiffany Blue Accent 5 | Evelyn's Decorating

The head table was lined with tall glass votives containing flower petals and candlelights, gorgeous floral bouquets and ivy from the Flower Workshop.  

Tiffany Blue Accent | Evelyn's Decorating

What is your favourite accent colour for a wedding? Feel free to share in the comments below!