Five Decor Ideas for an Autumn Wedding

Happy Thanksgiving! With the leaves changing and the temperature dropping, the fall season is in full swing. Here are five decor ideas for creating a beautiful autumn wedding. 

1. Create a rustic theme

Incorporating details such as twine and burlap helps to create a rustic theme. Some simple ways I have added these elements in a chic way are by wrapping delicate lace buckets with twine, adding some burlap to floral bunches and wrapping champagne coloured floral balls in twine. 

Floral Balls with Twine | Tall Girl Meets World
Burlap Floral Bunches | Tall Girl Meets World

2. Use rich, fall colours as a base

Since dark brown, red and orange are colours spotted outside during the fall season, it's a great idea to start with one of these colours as a base for your decor. Make a statement by using dark brown tulle to contrast white tablecloths on your head table. You can also incorporate oranges, reds and earthy colours in your other decor elements. 

Head Table | Tall Girl Meets World

3. Incorporate seasonal florals

Fall mums in bright yellow or dark orange, hydrangeas and burgundy roses. Whether you incorporate them in your centrepieces or place them at the altar, these flowers are a great fall-inspired addition to your wedding.

Orange Mums in a Tree Stump | Tall Girl Meets World

4. Get woodsy and add in fall foliage

In addition to flowers, foliage brings a natural element to your decor. You can use a larger element such as a birch stump for a vase or as a stand for lanterns and potted flowers. 

Spring Birch Stump Vase | Tall Girl Meets World
Fall Mums with Birch Stumps and Lanterns | Tall Girl Meets World

Another idea is to surround your centrepiece with smaller elements such as pinecones or fall leaves at your reception.

Fall Mums at Reception | Tall Girl Meets World

5. Brighten up your decor with lanterns and candles

The soft glow of candles adds a cozy vibe to your wedding. You can place them inside a lantern to add to the romantic ambience. 

Lanterns and Candles | Tall Girl Meets World

Which fall decor idea above is your favourite? What decor elements are you using at your fall wedding? Let me know in the comments below!